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A couple weekends back I took a weekend workshop on Thai Yoga Massage with Gabriel Moralez. This was the third course I have taken this year with Gabriel and I have been really enjoying the new techniques. I love stretching my clients, and initially I took the course to learn some new stretching techniques. Having done the course a few times now, I am really keen to start offering this style as a regular service. There are many aspects of it that I enjoy and that I think provide value to clients. There is a simplicity to it that I gravitate towards – these techniques can be done over clothing, with no oil, and on the floor. The compound stretches and positions that are used are often stretching multiple parts of the body at once – much of it really is like performing yoga on somebody else.

I’m hoping to get a little more practice with this routine, and then, shortly, offering it as a regular service through Momentum. Initially it will be at a discounted rate while I continue to develop with the techniques.

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